Frequently Asked Questions

When was HMC founded?

HMC was founded in early 2010. The first all-member meeting took place in December 2010.

How many members are involved in HMC?

Membership in HMC changes frequently for a variety of reasons, but we typically have 40 operator members and 20 representatives from the corporate member companies.

How much does it cost to join HMC?

Operator members do not pay membership dues to participate in HMC. The financial support for HMC comes from the corporate members who pay an annual corporate membership fee of $30,000.

Why did the CIA develop the Healthy Menus R&D Collaborative?

Leaders from the volume foodservice industry voiced a need for more support when working on healthy menu R&D projects. They understood how adding a greater variety of healthful menu options was important for their businesses as well as public health, but they wanted greater access to insights and information that would enable them to develop delicious, flavorful menus options more quickly. The first healthy menu R&D challenge identified by members was sodium reduction. HMC members wanted to work hand-in-hand with colleagues and vendor partners as well as technical experts to develop menu options with less sodium that also delivered great taste.

Who leads HMC?

HMC leadership is provided by three co-chairs and multiple working group chairs who provide strategic oversight and practical guidance for the initiative. The working groups collaborate throughout the year on various strategic initiatives and meeting planning. All volunteer leader work is supported and guided by the director of HMC, Jacquelyn Chi.

I work for an independent restaurant. How can I get involved in HMC?

HMC membership is only open to senior leaders from large volume foodservice operations. This site was created to allow greater access to information and insights to both members and non-members. We encourage you to review the HMC Success Stories; these case studies provide a wealth of information on strategies for developing healthful menu options.